Who We Are

Studies show that most art museum patrons spend an average of ten seconds reading the description of a painting and only an average of three seconds actually looking at the painting itself. The Violette de Mazia Foundation develops programming that encourages students to see the art, instead of the subject in a painting. Open new doors in your world by learning to read art like an artist. Our method of teaching students the language of art will make art accessible to you wherever you encounter it, whether it be in a museum or in your own backyard.

The Violette de Mazia Foundation teaches art appreciation to any interested student; from academics and senior citizens to primary school students and prison inmates. Our Foundation believes that art appreciation is important for everyone, regardless of academic, social or economic standing.

In our courses, you will learn how artists document their creative experience on the canvas…or in whatever medium they may use. We will show you how to recognize a work of art by teaching you to understand the artist’s deliberate use of light, line, color and space. You will begin to understand why the artist uses distortions in his works and why those distortions are essential to the finished product. You will learn to look at art, as well as the world around you, in a new and objective way. Our courses focus on painting and sculpture, but also include the disciplines of music, dance, film and poetry.