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Adult Education

Learn to see your world like an artist.

Experience the arts in a more meaningful way by joining us for one of our classes, tours, or talks. Whether you are exploring the arts for the first time or want to enhance and enrich the knowledge you already have, the Violette de Mazia Foundation has something for everyone. Discover the satisfaction understanding the arts can bring and the reward of realizing that art and life are inseparable. There are  opportunities are available to all, so please join us and experience the arts in a whole new way.

See below for specific course information including topics, locations and tuition.

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*Part I: Informed Perception

This course will resume in Spring 2015. 

*Part I: Informed Perception is open to any dedicated student and designed to be the first course of three in our core curriculum.  


*Part II: The Traditions in Art

Registration is now open for the following Traditions course:

*Part II: Traditions is the second course of three in our core curriculum.  Traditions is open students who have completed Part I: Informed Perception.


*Part III: Seminar

Registration is now open for the following Seminar course:

*Part III: Seminar is the final course in our core curriculum and explores in depth a selected topic, artist, tradition, or theme. Successful completion of our Part I, Part II and Part III courses are prerequisites to receive the de Mazia Foundation Certificate of Completion but the Seminar course Exploring American Arts is open to enthusiastic and motivated newcomers. 


Special Topic Programs

Registration is now open for the following Special Topic Programs:


Lectures and Museum Tours

Registration is now open for the following Lectures and Museum Tours:


Museum Tours:


Introductory Courses

Registration is now open for the following Introductory Courses:


Walking Tours of Philadelphia

Please check back for Walking Tours of Philadelphia!

Directed Independent Studies

This course is open to students who have completed Part I: Informed Perception and Part II: Traditions.

This is an independent course that you will adapt to fit your schedule. Estimated timeframe for Directed Independent Studies is fourteen weeks.


*Courses are part of our three-part Certificate Program and are designed to be taken sequentially.