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Death Denial: Does our terror of dying drive almost everything we do? Articles

Does fear of death explain the development of art, religion, language, economics, science, and almost all of human behavior?

Equipment for Living: Poetry's Complex Consolations Articles

The consolations of poetry are not benign illusion or false hope. Poetry is equipment for living, an education in reconciling ourselves to our fates.

Poetry & Truth Articles

We don’t look to poems for factual truths. Poetry is truest when it attends to something beyond facts: the education of our emotions.

A Mammoth Paris Show Covers Velázquez’s Career Exhibitions

Museums around the globe provide 119 artworks for the Grand Palais’s exhibition.

A Mammoth Paris Show Covers Velázquez’s Career Exhibitions

Museums around the globe provide 119 artworks for the Grand Palais’s exhibition.

Tuning Out Digital Buzz, for an Intimate Communion With Art Articles

And the further we distance ourselves from art itself, from being in front of it with all filters gone, life is what we lose — art’s and ours.

Heaven is a Place on Earth: Popular Culture Has More To Say About The Afterlife Than Religion Reviews

From Gilgamesh on, the afterlife has taken many guises. Our view is an incoherent projection of needs and impulses, irreconcilably at odds.

The Man Who Made Monet: How Impressionism Was Saved From Obscurity Exhibitions


Impressionism was saved from obscurity not by Monet, Pissarro, or Renoir, but by a French expat in London named Paul Durand-Ruel.

I am in Love with Poetry Articles

When the times are brutal and the news is all lies, great poets experience our loneliness for us.

How to Think Like Edmund Burke Reviews

Debating the Philosopher’s Complex Legacy - Burke tells us more about how to think than what to think. So how did he think? He cherished certain abstract ideals unconditionally.

Paul Cézanne Revered the Old Masters, yet Influenced Waves of Modernists as They Broke with the Past Articles

Anxiety of influence. While most Impressionists disavowed the old masters, Cézanne studied their works with painful precision.

From Wit to Twit(ter) Articles

Wit can be charming or mean, whimsical or incisive. Done well, it mocks pretension, false self-esteem, snobbery. Wit is vital – and in decline

Philosophy in a Clown Suit Articles

An unexpected key to understanding culture.

When the Art Is Watching You Articles

At today’s museums, all eyes aren’t just on the art. They’re on the visitors. Museums are mining detailed information from visitors, raising questions about the use of Big Data in the arts

Taking a Wrench to Reality Exhibitions

What happened in Paris in 1910 can be thanked or blamed for almost everything in art that came later that century.

When Giving Is All We Have Poems

When Giving Is All We Have

The Invention of Clumsiness Articles

The invention of clumsiness. With the advent of photography, artists grew to differ in their depictions of the ungainliness of the human form.

Trouble in Paradise and Absolute Recoil by Slavoj Žižek Reviews

Like Socrates on steroids: Žižek is both breathtakingly perceptive and outrageously irresponsible. Is he just out to scandalise?

The Art of Attention Articles

The peculiar vividness of the world becomes clear when we slow down and attend, learning to see all things anew.

Poetry and Catastrophe Reviews

Poetry has long been enlisted as a witness in dark times, a tonic for forgetfulness. But what happens when it’s as much evidence as art?