Perspectives is the Violette de Mazia Foundations online source for intelligent discussion about the arts. Perspectives presents an ever evolving dialogue regarding our experience with the arts and the important role they play in our everyday lives.  Perspectives will offer readers food for thought but the heart of the site is an ongoing engagement with the art experience through reviews, essays, and reflections.

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Intimations of Mortality Articles

Death never lets us down. Not even writing about death decreases the fear of it.

For Philadelphia Arts, A Shifting Donor Base - Part Two Articles

The shifting foundation landscape... forced many groups to rely more heavily on individuals, who stepped up to the plate in a way they never had before. Now there is a new world of donors out there for arts managers to steward and engage." - Nancy Burd, arts consultant.

Inside America’s Great Romance With Norman Rockwell Articles

Rockwell? Oh God. He was viewed as a cornball and a square, a convenient symbol of the bourgeois values Modernism sought to topple.

Machiavelli: Still Shocking after Five Centuries Articles

Machiavelli: Still Shocking after Five Centuries
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Stewart Patrick

Where competency ends, poetry begins Poems

I have been musing of late (as the retired stationmaster might have it) on the phenomenon of competent verse...

An Argument With Instruments: On Charles Mingus Articles

How a jazz artist’s relationship to black identity gave his music its stormy weather.

Why We're Still Struggling to Make Sense of Modernism Articles

We may like to think of ourselves as postmodern, but the modernists upended conventions—in art and in life—in ways that have challenged us ever since.

The Rectangular Canvas is Dead Articles

Richard Diebenkorn and the Problems of Modern Painting

Norman Lewis - First Major African American Abstract Expressionist. Reviews

"...the goal of the artist must be aesthetic development, and in a universal sense, to make in his own way some contribution to culture."

Against Aesthetics Articles

Part of the burden of being a critic means that you should reject Aesthetic Statements.

I Dream of Genius Articles

A happy genius is the gift of nature: it depends on the influence of the stars, say the astrologers, on the organs of the body, say the naturalists; ’tis the particular gift of heaven, say the divines, both Christians and heathens. How to improve it, many books can teach us; how to obtain it, none; that nothing can be done without it all agree. - –John Dryden, A Parallel of Poetry and Painting

America's Orchestras are in Crisis: How an effort to popularize classical music undermines what makes orchestras great. Articles

Americans tend to draw the line between connoisseurship and fatuousness at a level just slightly higher than their own degree of appreciation.

Hamlet: A Love Story Articles

“Hamlet” helped Freud understand, and perhaps even invent, psychoanalysis. The Oedipus complex is a misnomer. It should be called the Hamlet complex.

Lizard and I Poems

Our airwaves play Disaster...

The Rise of Self-Taught Artists Out is the new in. Articles

Outsider artists—visionary, schizophrenic, primitive, psychotic, obsessive, compulsive, untutored, vernacular, self-taught, naive, brut, rough, raw, call them what you will—are insiders now.

In theory: the unread and the unreadable Articles

We measure our lives with unread books – and 'difficult' works can induce the most guilt. How should we view this challenge?  Samuel Beckett said of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake … 'It is not only to be read. It is to be looked at and listened to.'

The Picasso Effect: What The Success of Cubism Teaches Us About Radical Innovation Articles

For radical innovation to succeed, the moment has to be moving towards the innovator. But the innovator must still reach out and seize the moment.

The Culinary Triangle: What can Claude Lévi-Strauss teach us about food fads today? Articles

What are we talking about when we talk about food?

100 years on: Igor Stravinsky on The Rite of Spring Articles

The image of God, as expressed in the primitivism of pagan Russia, is at the core of this vision.

The Art of the Phony Articles

It is possible that those best qualified to detect forgeries are professional artists, but today they seem rarely if ever to be consulted on such matters.