Artology Summer Program

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The Violette de Mazia Foundation is pleased to announce a joint program it is participating in with the BuildaBridge Summer Artology Program.

Our Young People’s Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Latham, is serving as the Artology Lead Art Teacher.
Artology is an art and biology interdisciplinary dynamic education summer program that connects artistic and scientific discovery in order to sharpen students’ creative proficiency, stimulate investigative inquiry, and deepen a sense of public responsibility.

The Artology program sparks student’s curiosity through a curriculum that integrates natural sciences and the arts and utilizes Philadelphia's vast natural splendor as a vibrant and evolving classroom. The camp specifically serves youth coping with homelessness and poverty. Students benefit from a hands-on educational experience, as well as from an overall commitment to excellence and a holistic approach to learning and art-making.

BuildaBridge trains artists and community personnel to effectively serve children and their families in tough places. They envision a world where all children are resilient, experience self‚Äźefficacy, and have a vision for their future. BuildaBridge dedicates its resources to building the capacity of creative adults and local communities to fulfill this vision.

The Violette de Mazia Foundation teaches aesthetic appreciation to students of all ages and backgrounds. We give students the specific tools needed to develop their perception and enable them to read the visual language of art. These tools enable students to uncover not only the the art in works of art, but also in their everyday experiences as well. The theories underlying this approach declare art appreciation important for everyone regardless of academic or economic standing. Firmly committed to the idea that life and art are inextricably linked, the Violette de Mazia Foundation’s programs are predicated on the principle that education is a lifelong activity of growth, development and change, and that enriching this aspect of life is a prerequisite to developing an intelligent society.

We are thrilled to be working with these wonderful organizations in this worthwhile endeavor.

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