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Our unique art appreciation classes held in the amazing galleries of the Barnes Foundation start this Tuesday and run for 14-weeks.  Having the galleries of the Barnes Foundation as your classroom is an experience you won't soon forget!


Remember the feeling of excitement you had in our class when you began to see and experience art in a new and more meaningful way? Register today for our fall semester classes at the Barnes Foundation - Traditions in Art or Exploring American Arts - and continue your journey with us.

If it has been a while since you took a de Mazia Foundation class, Traditions in Art is a great way to reconnect. Explore the evolution of the arts while refreshing your understanding of the objective method this fall.


Learn to see your world like an artist.

Experience the arts in a more meaningful way by joining us for one of our classes, tours, or talks. Whether you are exploring the arts for the first time or want to enhance and enrich the knowledge you already have, the Violette de Mazia Foundation has something for everyone. Discover the satisfaction understanding the arts can bring and the reward of realizing that art and life are inseparable. There are opportunities available to all, so please join us and experience the arts in a whole new way.