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The Violette de Mazia Foundation encourages review, research, exploration, and development of objective aesthetic analysis.

The following resources provide examples of: (1) art collections, museums and galleries; (2) organizations involved in compatible endeavors; (3) suggested reading lists; (4) analytical essays written by student participants in our courses.

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The John Dewey Society Organizations

Click here to view The John Dewey Society's website.

Paul Guillaume Organizations

Click here to visit this website compiled by the National Gallery.

Thomas Munro Organizations

 Click here to visit This Duke University site.

George Santayana Organizations

Click here to view additional information on this Hispanic-American philosopher.

Suggested Readings Reading Lists

If you are enrolled or planning to enroll in a Violette de Mazia Foundation course, consult the following reading lists to learn which texts you will need.

Riot, Debra Butterfield Student Essays

Debra Butterfield created Riot in 1990 using discarded metal from a movie theater marquee. Currently the sculpture is owned and displayed by the Delaware Art more.

Governor's Park, Edward Loper Sr. Student Essays

I have studied painting with Edward Loper Sr. for 6 years. I experienced an immediate connection to Loper’s Governor’s Park, Quebec City, an oil painting on more.

Improvisation # 29 (The Swan), Wassily Kandinsky Student Essays

Kandinsky’s Improvisation (Swan) is a highly decorative non-objective painting composed of vibrant colors, and a variety of shapes and line set in an active swirling more.

The King and Queen Surrounded by Swift Nudes, Student Essays

 The King and Queen’s velvety surface and elegant warm tones of brown, ochre, oyster-white and coral against a dark background give the work an Old Master more.

'Torches Mauve' Franz Kline Student Essays

Franz Kline presents Torches Mauve as a massive, non-representational, vertically rectangular oil painting composed of a highly restrained palette of whites, blacks and blue more.