The Violette de Mazia Foundation believes that education is a lifelong activity of growth, development and change; that life and art are inextricably linked; that all human beings possess an aesthetic nature; and that enriching this aspect of our lives is a prerequisite to a cultured society. The Foundation is dedicated to provide for a better society and the common good through art and aesthetic education. Violette de Mazia was the former director of education and vice president of the board of The Barnes Foundation, and was the driving force behind the art education program at The Barnes Foundation for over sixty years. The Violette de Mazia Foundation's mission is to teach and advance the aesthetic theories and experiential educational methods of art appreciation developed by John Dewey, Albert C. Barnes and Violette de Mazia. Based on their objective method of art appreciation, our courses show students how to objectively look at works of art, as well as the world around them. To contact the Foundation about its underwriting or developing a program that fulfills its mission, please call 610-971-9960 or click here.